-Fixed Deposit

-Recurring Deposit

-Mangala Nidhi Deposit (Cumulative Deposit)

-Kalpatharu Deposit (Pigmy Deposit)

Rate of Interest of Deposits

Rate of Interest of Deposits w.e.f 02.03.2022



Senior Citizen

15 days to 90 days

5.00% p.a

5.00% p.a

91 days to 180 days

6.20% p.a

6.20% p.a

181 days to 1 Year

6.60% p.a

6.75% p.a

Above 1 year upto 3 years

7.70% p.a

8.20% p.a

Above 3 years upto 5 years

7% p.a

7.50% p.a

Above 5 years

6.50% p.a

6.75% p.a

– The Bank will not accept deposits beyond 10 years of maturity.

– 1% Penalty for pre-closure of  General deposits and 0.50% for Senior Citizen deposits.

Auto Renewal of Term Deposits:

Term Deposit will be renewed automatically.  Auto-renewal is a separate and Independent contract at the Bank’s prevailing interest rates on the date of auto-renewal for the same period as the original deposit, till the receipt is presented for payment.

DICGC Insurance Cover for Deposit

All deposits of our Bank are covered under the Insurance Scheme offered by Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation of India (DICGC) subject to certain limits and conditions.